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Córdoba: Our origins.

A place with a unique micro-climate: more than 4,000 hours of sun a year which give our oranges a look, a scent and a flavour that are all unique.

Natural Process

We work directly with local farmers, and that’s why our oranges are picked and juiced in under 24 hours, without losing flavour or freshness.

Oranges from Valle del Guadalquivir.


We pick our fruit by hand, and we squeeze the juice from it just like we would at home: no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colours and without added sugar.


We have a commitment to the environment and our local area.

We work to reduce energy consumption, garbage, waste; and we work to purify and filter waste water.

We've updated ourselves, both inside and out

With our new packaging and our new, 100% fruit juice flavours

Discover them here

Zumos Palma

We have the capacity to process 150 millions of kilos of citrus fruit a year – that’s as much as 10% of the European imports of orange juice.

More than 20 years of experience, more than 100 employees and on sale at more than 25,000 locations.

Always close to you.

Zumosol forms part of the multinational Toksöz Group, which is present in over twenty countries, and which has one clear goal: to create products which we would choose, without hesitation, for the people we love. Products that make us feel good, feel more alive, and be more open to enjoyment.

Both Toksöz and Zumosol share quality, health and sustainability as markers of their identity. This is why the Group chose juices based on a sustainable and healthy philosophy, which also applies to other food categories, such as chocolate and ice cream.